Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Christmas Reading List

April Gold
Mrs. Reed does lots of baking for Christmas, while cooking soup and pie at the same time. Christmas tree decorating, singing, gifts, and dressing for Christmas.

Marjorie undertakes extended Christmas shopping; stockings and gifts, a turkey dinner, a Christmas sermon, flowers, and Christmas clothes.

The Prodigal Girl
Snowy weather, a cold farmhouse in New England, blizzards, warm clothing, plain cooking, skating.

A baby abandoned in the snow, a bright warm apartment, soft new baby clothes, decorating a tree, room service Christmas dinner.

The Christmas Bride
New overcoats for the elderly parents, a handmade nativity scene, a Christmas wedding, snow, and gifts. Oh, and a new house.

The Gold Shoe
Snowstorms, a flannel gown, warming suppers.

Astra babysits at Christmas, makes a homemade nativity scene, dresses for the holiday, buys roses for the neighbors.

and, lastly, The Substitute Guest (thanks PVS readers!)
Set right at Christmas time, with fruitcake, doughnuts, oyster stew, and lots and lots of bad weather.