Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In Praise of Milk

"She drank a good deal of milk; that was cheap, and it gave a pretty roundness to her cheeks and a clearness to her complexion that made her all the more attractive. It had been scarce at home since her father died; there were so many babies to drink milk that there had been very little left for Marion . . . But now it was the cheapest thing on the menu. A little bottle of rich, creamy milk and a dainty bundle of shredded-wheat biscuit or crackers done up in waxed paper, made a cheap and attractive breakfast or supper."

--Grace Livingston Hill, Crimson Roses


Kimberly Alexandra said...

Thanks to your inspiration, I picked up a copy of Beauty for Ashes at the library on Tuesday. I've read about six chapters so far and I absolutely love it!
Thanks so much for introducing me to Grace Livingston Hill!


Kimberly Alexandra said...

I'm assuming you know abou this site,


but thought I would pass it on. Finished Beauty for Ashes today. Now I want to read A Handmaid of the Lord, but our library, sadly, has only a few of her books.

Thanks again for introducing me to her works.


Miss Paula said...

Oh I read this book years ago! I introduced a friend to Crimson Roses by leaving a new copy on her porch with a rose. Needless to say, she was hooked. Thanks for the memory!

Karla said...

Oh! The descriptions of the "cheap and dainty" meals the poor little heroines had to subsist on are some of my favorite little vignettes from GLH novels! She actually makes milk and crackers sound like delicacies, doesn't she?

Lisa said...

LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!! I cannot get enought of them and have gotten my mother hooked as well. Where have they been all my life. I am adding them to my libary so that I can reread them when the mood strikes. Why can't anyone write good, wholesome, enchanting stories like this anymore?