Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Preparing for Guests

"There were the two front rooms upstairs to be prepared. She would open the windows at once, and let the air sweep through all night . . . She hurried upstairs, and lit the gas in the two rooms, throwing wide the windows, hunting out fresh sheets and counterpanes. She could dust and run the carpet-sweeper over the rooms right away, and have them in order; and that would save time for tomorrow . . .

Julia bustled around happily, putting the rooms into charming order, hunting up a little picture . . ."

--Cloudy Jewel, Grace Livingston Hill


Anonymous said...

Anna - I have been a lurker for some time and have to say I truly enjoy both of your blogs. The quotes from Grace Livingston Hill have lightned my heart and leave me with visions of domestic bliss. Simply lovely. I am so excited, today I recieved my first book "Brentwood"! Cannot wait to snuggle up with it. Thank you for sharing. Marie

Anna said...

You will love Brentwood!!! It's one of my very favorites!


Jodi said...

Ahh, but the pesky Mrs. Perkins perched in her bedroom window peers out and pronounces judgment! Pitiful! ;o)

Cloudy Jewel is one of my favorites! I love their discussions on keeping the Sabbath.

I happened to re-read this last week, and having just moved - well - I'm afraid I'm not quite up to Julia, Leslie and Allison's speed of packing and unpacking! (I say from the bottom of yet another box!) But they have certainly inspired me to just keep at it. :o)

Jodi said...

"'We shall want five bedrooms,' said Leslie decidedly. 'I've thought that all out, ... And there simply must be a fireplace or we won't take the house. If there isn't the right kind of house in town, we'll choose some other college. There are plenty of colleges, but you can have only one home, and it must be the right kind...'" (chapter 3)

Such youthful optimism! I like this paragraph, probably because I've said that about a fireplace for the last 16 years (--ever since an ice-storm in Maine -- brrr. We finally got one when we moved in December!) Ha - You've got me started now, Anna, but I must "lie down and rest so I don't get too worn out!" ;o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anna, for the introduction to the GLH books. I got some at the library and first read "Stranger at the Gates". I'm now reading "The Enchanted Barn". Did you suggest reading Honor Girl first? Was that your favorite? These books remind me of books for teens that I use to read as a youth - written in the 50's making me wish I lived in another era. Have you read all the GLH books?

Barbara in AR

Lisa said...

Another beautiful blog!

The only GLH book I've read so far is Brentwood. It was wonderful and on my list for reading each December!


Peggy said...

This is one of my favorites by GLH. I love the way "Cloudy" makes such a wonderful home for the young people and the way they love her. this is one of her best!

Anonymous said...

This book can be read for FREE on Google Reader. It is a charming book and easy to read on that site. I love their housekeeping standards.