Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Preparing for Guests

"There were the two front rooms upstairs to be prepared. She would open the windows at once, and let the air sweep through all night . . . She hurried upstairs, and lit the gas in the two rooms, throwing wide the windows, hunting out fresh sheets and counterpanes. She could dust and run the carpet-sweeper over the rooms right away, and have them in order; and that would save time for tomorrow . . .

Julia bustled around happily, putting the rooms into charming order, hunting up a little picture . . ."

--Cloudy Jewel, Grace Livingston Hill

Old Bindings

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Discussion on The Honor Girl

Emma said: "I really enjoyed my first venture into G.L.H. land! It really put me right in the mood to nest with all the talk of cleaning, decorating, cooking, and actually caring about the quality of home life! When I finished the book, I thought a lot about how wonderful if would be to have some of the recipes that were made... I've never made donughts from scratch, but I desperately wanted to try after reading this book!"

Tammy said: "The part I loved best about this book is that after she worked so very hard for her family, her brothers made her room beautiful for her."

glh said: "Whenever I want to read something really, really domestic from GLH, I choose either Honor Girl or Re-Creations. (I could never get done what they got done in just a day, however...)"

Great comments!

Emma, donuts are lots of fun to make. I make them frequently using this recipe. I often feel like a GLH character when I'm in flour up to my elbows!

glh, I think it's funny that you remark on what the characters can get done in just one day, since the foreword in my copy of the book, written by Grace's daughter Ruth Livingston Hill says,

"The prodigious amount of work that some of her book characters accomplish in an incredibly short time may represent what she would like to have been able to do herself. She had a tremendous store of energy, and she drew on it often, especially when the work involved helping the helpless."

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Comment on The Honor Girl!

Emma has suggested opening discussion on a GLH book--I'd like to start with The Honor Girl since it's so rich with typical GLH themes, and rife with cooking, cleaning, and shopping scenes. Leave your comments and I'll move them up into the main part of the post every so often . . .

Thursday, January 4, 2007

A Primrose for the Table

"The table did look pretty. It was set as a table should be set, with dishes and glasses and silver in the correct places, and napkins neatly folded; and in the centre was a small pot of pink primroses in full bloom. For it would not have been Cornelia if there had not been a bit of decoration about somewhere, and it was like Cornelia when she went out to market, and thought of meat and bread and milk and butter and all the other necessities, to think also of that bit of brightness and refinement, and go into a small flower-shop she was passing to get this pretty primrose."

--Grace Livingston Hill, Re-Creations